Info Magnum Cash Advance

I called Magnum ahead to request a payday loan to another. MCA said that my account in the collection, and said the NSB call. Customer service representative initially said he was paid on my account, and then I put on hold. He returned to the phone line and said that I still up $ 132. 43. so I asked the representatives you verify my data and the date of the loan. He checked my details and that the loan as of 2008. So I asked, why not always contacted have my contact information, in addition to the fact that there two years after the loan was made. Customer service representative, said, not the managed account and probably fell into oblivion. I was angry at the time and asked to speak with the supervisor. The supervisor was no help. He said the remaining amount I have to pay any price. It reminded me you have the info magnum cash advance balance, that bothers me, but the lack of communication from each other. I warmed even more and began to curse. It reminded me that the conversation is being recorded, and eventually I was caught. In this case pursued strongly and effectively. Today is the first day and tomorrow is the day. Damage to mean balance, anger, fear, and the additional pressure. I feel after what was said as if my logic was questioned and devalued. I yelled me, the customer service staff and the data protection supervisor. .